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Our Staff

The All 'Bout Children Preschool staff are like a family – one that we are continuously looking to grow and evolve. If you or someone you know are interested in joining our faculty, please review and complete our job application form and email it to us along with a resume.


Heather Butkiewicz

Heather is the Owner/Director of the preschool. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Mary Honors College of Maryland in 1997 and her Administration Certification in Early Childhood from UW-Milwaukee in 2012. Heather has previously worked as a case manager with elementary through teenage children in non-profit foster care programs, and was the president of Elmbrook Parent Network before joining All 'Bout Children Preschool. She is a married mother of two wonderful children. Click here to email Heather.

Jacob Magyar

Jacob is one of the Directors of the preschool. He has a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, with a focus on Child Psychopathology, and has taught Spanish in a preschool setting for many years in multiple countries. Jacob has also been a lead teacher for 2k, 3k, and 4k programs. His goal is to show students how fun and rewarding learning can be by giving them the best environment possible to help them develop. Jacob is the father of three young children, and enjoys listening to music, swimming, traveling, and playing video games. Click here to email Jacob.

Marissa Kloth

Infant Teacher, Grey Building

Marissa has her bachelor's degree in secondary education and taught for 15 years in the Philippines. She is a mother and likes listening to music, cooking, and traveling.

Sara Hall

Infant Teacher, Grey Building


Sara has an extensive background in healthcare and was a personal care assistant at Froedtert hospital for four years in the mother/baby unit. She is involved in the youth mentor program in her congregation, and is a wife and mother of five children. 

Laney Hetzel

Infant Teacher, Grey Building

Since a very young age, Laney has worked closely with both children and adults with special needs in group home settings and schools. She likes reading, (re-)watching tv shows, and playing her guitar.

Yeeb Xiong

Infant Teacher, Grey Building

Yeeb is the third oldest out of six children and attended UW-Whitewater and MATC, graduating with an associate's degree in Human Services. She enjoys reading and spending time with her nephew.

Joanie Sternig

Infant Teacher, Grey Building

Joanie has a degree in Early Childhood Development from WCTC. She has worked in a home day care, and has taught at Gray Mare Preschool and Elmbrook Church. Joanie has three adult sons and three grandchildren.

Ashley Boyer

Infant Teacher, Grey Building

Ashley is a student at Waukesha South High School and WCTC, pursuing her early childhood certifications. She enjoys spending time with children, working on cars, staying active, and attending school events.

Cierra Hernandez

Infant Teacher, Grey Building

Cierra has a passion for early childhood education and is currently expecting her first child. She looks forward to providing a warm and supportive classroom atmosphere where each child can thrive and grow.

Maria Smith

Floater Teacher, Grey Building

Maria has been taking care of her young godson and cousins throughout the years. Eager to build meaningful connections, she wants to ensure that every child feels cherished and well-cared for as they learn.

Akisa Hall

1K Teacher, Yellow Building

Akisa graduated from Brookfield East High School and started volunteering at ABC. She transitioned to becoming a teacher after graduation.

Fannie Henry

1K Teacher, Yellow Building

Fannie started working at a daycare center part-time and is currently going to school to become a teacher. She enjoys painting, gaming, reading, watching movies, and nature.

Jocelyn Valle

1.5K Teacher, Yellow Building

Jocelyn is currently going to college for her associate's degree in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys nature, warm summer days, and loves hikes, parks, and swimming.

Mikayla Keough

1.5K Teacher, Yellow Building

Mikayla grew up with three little sisters and nannied for different families for about a year. She is a mom of three, and enjoys making candles and spending time with her family.

Jahanara Alter

1.5K Teacher, Yellow Building

Nyrobi Hall

2K Teacher, Yellow Building

Nyrobi is a Brookfield East High School graduate who enjoys singing, drawing, and nature. She has four siblings, two of whom are younger, and is currently looking to further her education. 

Maria Reyes

2.5K Teacher, Yellow Building

Maria has worked with preschool children for over 25 years, with an educational background focus on Early Childhood Education. She has one college-aged daughter, and enjoys traveling, art, music, and ethnic foods.

RaeAnn Johnson

2.5K Teacher, Yellow Building

RaeAnn has a bachelor's degree in Hospitality/Resort Management, and has completed her certification in early childhood development. She is a mother and loves camping, spending time with friends, and iced coffee.

Mary Zinda

3K Teacher, Yellow Building

Mary has worked in childcare for over 30 years and has been at ABC for over four years. She enjoys helping children grow and learn new things.

Sue Oberling

3.5K Teacher, Grey Building

Sue studied French at Wayne University and has been teaching children for many years. Her background ranges from preschool to high school age students. Sue enjoys reading, traveling, and biking.

Gabrielle Ligrow

3.5K Teacher, Grey Building

Gabrielle attends Concordia University of WI, studying for her bachelor's in Early Childcare and Elementary Education. She has worked with children in her practicum classroom, volunteering at day camps, babysitting, and helping raise her younger sisters.

Tina Wallen

4K Teacher, Grey Building


Tina has a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science, has taught at various co-ops, and was a home school educator to her three children. She enjoys teaching English as a Second Language and loves to bike, hike, and travel.

Yogita Howshetty

3.5/4K & Burleigh After School Teacher

Yogita earned her bachelor's of engineering from SRTM University in India, where she also worked as a math teacher in higher primary school. She is a mom of two who enjoyrs traveling, listening to music, and spending time with her family.

Maggie Offutt

Floater Teacher, Yellow Building

Maggie has worked at ABC Preschool since 2014. She's had many years of experience working with kids of all ages, from babysitting neighbors to volunteering at the public library.

Olivia Passow

Floater Teacher, Yellow Building

Olivia is currently completing a degree in Media Studies at UW-Milwaukee. She has experience babysitting & nannying, and previously coached 6th and 7th grade girls’ volleyball.

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